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Napa Valley Virtual Wine Tours

Never been to Napa Valley, CA. for a wine tour?

Well, here's your chance to go - the virtual way!

We would all love to travel to Napa Valley right now to enjoy a nice glass of wine and the beautiful scenery. But with Covid-19 ruining our plans we're all stuck on lockdown. So we've decided since we can't travel to Napa Valley, we'll bring Napa Valley to you with a Virtual Wine Tour visit to Iconic Wines!

On this Virtual Wine Tour, we'll visit Iconic Wines in Napa Valley, CA! While there, you'll sip some amazing wines and share your thoughts with other virtual wine lovers and foodies as you're entertained by Winemaker and owner of Iconic Wines, our friend, Birk O'Halloran. We feel that you should still be able to enjoy your friends and family (and a little wine) during this shutdown while still practicing "social distancing."

No worrying about reservations, who's driving or “did I pick the right spot?” – we’ve got your back on this one. Just sit back, "wine" down, and enjoy one of the most fun things to do during the Covid-19 shutdown!

Iconic Wines

Birk and his team strive to make wines of balance, complexity and distinctive character. Wines as individual and iconic as the characters they put on them. Make no mistake, while Birk and his business partner Karl Antle may have been raised geeks, they have grown into something far more dangerous…. wine nerds.

How Does A Virtual Wine Tour Work?

Step 1

Purchase your Virtual Wine Tour tickets here and then use our curbside pickup for your wine and food.

(wine shipping is available if you live out of the city)

Step 2

Get your wine and charcuterie ready and set up at home for your experience!

Step 3

Sit back and relax and have fun with friends and family while enjoying some great wines and food! Our team will do the rest!


$50 per person with a minimum of 6 people. This includes 5 wine tastings and wine conservation with Birk O'Halloran.

Note: Wine will be curbside pickup at one of our wine partner locations.

What's Included:

  • Five wine tastings.

  • Livestream wine tasting experience with a Sommelier and/or Wine Expert to guide you through each pairing experience.

  • Opportunities to connect with your wine expert during your tour experience to ask questions.

What's Not Included:

  • Gratuity for your Host, Sommelier or Wine Expert is not Included, we suggest tipping $10 per person in your party at the checkout, but it's completely optional.

Add-ons For This Tour Include:

  • Extra Wine Bottles

  • Charcuterie Boards

These add-ons can be included at the Checkout!

rated 5 out of 5 stars!

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